ICIMIA - 2024

4th International Conference on Innovative Mechanisms for Industry Applications

Theme: IoT and Blockchain Technologies

Bengaluru, India

Brisbane Skyline
Conference Mode: Hybrid

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Important dates

Paper Submission Deadline 5 September, 2024
Acceptance Intimation 8 October, 2024
Registration Deadline 10 November, 2024
Conference Date 18-19, December 2024



The significant transformation regarding the way we produce products or deliver services is mainly due to the digitization and connected industrial processes. The recent industrial revolution will increase productivity, foster industrial growth and modify the conventional profile of the workforce – ultimately upgrading the competitiveness of industries and regions.

The 4th International Conference on Innovative Mechanisms for Industry Applications (ICIMIA 2024) will be held on 18-19 December 2024. This conference will discuss the impact of transition to the recent Industrial Revolution on Efficiency, Ecosystem, Infrastructure, and Competitiveness of industrial operation. The impact of innovative mechanisms like IoT and Blockchain on supply chain support and other industrial applications are mainly focused.

The conference also covers the impact of IoT and Blockchain on optimizing the industrial decentralization, connectivity, services delivery and logistic operations in terms of exploring the real-time industrial applications to improve the production and accuracy.

Conference Objectives
  • To get insights from keynote speakers, emerge your innovations, share your knowledge with other researchers and get expose to recent innovations
  • To deliberate recent innovations, trends, and concerns in theory and practice.
  • To provide a platform to academicians, researchers and stakeholders to share their experience and research findings about integrated aspects of Industry 4.0 and applications.
  • To discuss challenges imposed by technological factors for Industrial Applications.


To impart science-based engineering education to develop professional skills that will prepare the students for immediate employment and provide them with a solid foundation for further education.

To provide state-of-the art infrastructure for students to develop their skills To develop an understanding among students of the human, social and business context in which they will utilize their engineering skills.

To develop the design capability among students so that they have the ability to participate in creative, synthetic and integrative activities of the relevant branch of engineering.

To keep pace with changing times by providing quality education through value added courses, beyond the curriculum prescribed by the University.

To create among students the curiosity, the desire and the ability to keep learning throughout life. Character building in students, so as to enable them to become responsible citizens and committed professionals.

Have continuous association, involvement and partnership with the corporate world.


To achieve excellence in delivering quality education of global standards, coupled with innovative practices using advanced technology and expertise, transforming the student community into potential global leaders with accountability to meet the societal, national and dynamic global challenges.


To bring about their overall personality development, fostering a caring and creative. Environment that emphasizes physical, social and intellectual development in career and life.

To instill a sense of understanding, remarkable resilience and enduring adaptation to a diverse, competitive and dynamic society through lifelong learning, employment and entrepreneurship.

To create and nurture a learning and knowledge-based environment, conducive to the pursuit of quality education which would transform a socially responsible generation to act on their professional values and beliefs.